So, you found me. Gary Rozanski. G-Roz. Rosie. The Beard.
You found my northern drivel about nothing in-particular. My ever increasing vinyl toy collection. My awesome beard. My Pub Poker tales. My Beer drinking nonsense. This is the corner of the web I call my own. Enjoi.


Nothing beats snuggling up to my beard in't depths of winter, in front of a fire with a beer.


Building up an empire of custom toys to take over the world. The collection is coming along nicely.


Trying to play Texas Hold 'Em. Essentially, donking chips since 2006.


Living previously in Denver I acquired a taste for micro-brewed apricot beer. Bring on the summer.


Stick a DVD on, I'm parched. I'll watch anything that includes Goonies and/or Keanu Reeves.


Capturing life that no one notices. I'm not very good at that. So now use Instagram. Alot.


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I doubt you'll find anyone person alive or dead that said they'd have put hard earned cash on the following statement "The 2013 Boston Red Sox are playing in the World Series!" Not after the Bobby Valentine 2012 disaster, and the Great September 2011 Collapse. Two events that will be forever etched in to the memories of millions of Red Sox fans. However, fast forward to present day and all that can be forgotten within the space of 9 days as, the 2013 Boston Red Sox are playing in the World Series. [+]
aces cracked
Apologies for the lack of poker blogs in recent weeks, main reason being - I was out in Las Vegas on vacation with the better half. Undoubtedly playing poker, and doing alright at it too. [+]
Breaking Bad Finale Ending
It is a well known fact that Walter White of Breaking Bad fame is a Ornithophobia. White has a phobia of pigeons. I think that this is an important aspect of the Breaking Bad finale fast approaching. Walter, taking a break from crystal meth production for a week, is on vacation in London. The scene is set, Walter taking tourist photos whilst enjoying the sights & sounds of Trafalgar Square. Walter is suddenly overcome by a group of gang pigeons (yeah, they exist) who appear to be raping him. Brutally raping him, in public sight. As Walter stumbles to his feet - he falls in to the road and is instantly hit by the Number 53 bus. The scene fades to black. Titles run. Walter is dead. Fin. There you have it, the Breaking Bad finale ending.
So after much excitement & some preparation, the Redtooth Poker East London Regional Final was upon us. Rocking up at Aspers Casino, Stratford, at 12:45. The decision was made that I'd try to live blog my experience during the tournament. Nothing serious, but a few moments capturing my first attempt at winning a seat at Vegas100. Needless to say, it wasn't great reading. [+]


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