Artist UNCLE is fast becoming one of my favorite toy customizers. Super fast. Mega super fast.

Looking at his previous work, which you can check out at his personal site: (although his site is in still under a little makeover right now (Uncle, if you’re looking for some website assistance I am only a tweet away…)), anyways his previous ‘creations’ are outstanding & inspiring, to say the least.

He has a unique style, disfiguring & manipulating his toys in to creepy – yet awesome – figures. You can see what I’m talking about with his latest Dunny blind box release:


Yeah, I know it’s all kinds of brown-nosing but this guy deserves it & some. I would highly recommend checking Uncle & his work out. You will not be disappointed.

You can follow Uncle within the social media empire too:

twitter – @unclestudio
facebook – Un Cle
site under progress –

I am always looking out for great pieces of art amongst my many vinyl toy artists on my twitter timeline, every now & again something crops up that really grabs my attention. Something today grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, shook me up & gave me the feelin’ that I should spread the word…

This custom 8″ Dunny piece above was designed by the talented David Bishop (aka @rundmb). An added bonus is that @rundmb is a UK based artist! We all know the UK pushes out some good work.

@rundmb work has a definite graffiti feel to it, lines lead the way in his designs and this is captured very well in this particular Dunny. What’s more is that this Dunny is actually for sale, if interested, please email I am fairly sure it won’t be on sale for much longer.

If you like the Tigerflux Dunny, you maybe interested in other @rundmb work, which you can find at the below links:

@rundmb keep up the good work, soldier!


Recently, and when I say recently I mean 8 weeks ago, I attended the Kidrobot x Swatch launch party at the Swatch store on 5th Avenue, NYC. It was a rather cosy affair, launching the new Kidrobot inspired Swatch collection. I am a huge fan of Kidrobot, with a wide collection of their toys & apparel, so an opportunity to attend their launch, being on three blocks away from my office, was too good of an opportunity to turn down.

During the launch, several of the Kidrobot artists, who were involved in the Swatch designs, were on hand painting oversized Swatchs’ or an oversized Munny, in Jeremyville’s case. Frank Kozik was in attendance, happily signing autographs and chatting with his fans.

One of my current favorite Kidrobot artists, MAD, was there on the night, in the shop window, taking photos with fans & showing his skills as a talented artist. MAD has been designing toys, as well as a professional illustrator, for 13 years now, working with brands such as Kidrobot, YUM Brands, Pepsi, NFL, Mattel and Cartoon Network on a variety of todays hottest and largest brands.

During the evening, after purchasing my MAD Kidrobot x Swatch designed set – demonstrated awesomely in the header image of this blog, I entered a competition on the off chance that Rozanski would be pulled out of a hat later in the week – honestly I had forgotten about it once my entry hit the stack of other entries. However, a week later I receive a call from Swatch to congratulate me & let me know I’d won the Jeremyville designed set. See picture to the right >>>

Whilst spending time researching the Kidrobot x Swatch launch, I found a great stop motion video – designed by Kidrobot to launch the series. You can view the video below. It’s well worth spending a few moments to watch.



I should introduce you to my new toy that were delivered this week. They’re created by the masterful, Mike Graham (AKA Zombie Monkie).

Throughout the month of October 2011, Zombie Monkie had a personal crusade to launch a custom ‘zombified’ play mobile character a day. You can see the whole collection nicely captured in the image below:


There are still pieces available, if interested, check out Zombie Monkie’s store here


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