I doubt you’ll find anyone person alive or dead that said they’d have put hard earned cash on the following statement “The 2013 Boston Red Sox are playing in the World Series!” Not after the Bobby Valentine 2012 disaster, and the Great September 2011 Collapse. Two events that will be forever etched in to the memories of millions of Red Sox fans. However, fast forward to present day and all that can be forgotten within the space of 9 days as, the 2013 Boston Red Sox are playing in the World Series.



I remember vividly the moment my ears were blessed with the sounds of the Dropkick Murphys. The year was 2008. April of that year I was in Boston visiting a good friend. 10th was the date, I was sat in the bleachers at Fenway Park. A few beers to the good. Boston Red Sox were hammering Detroit Tigers 12-6. 8th Inning. Enter Jonathan Pabelbon. Closer at the time for Boston. Boomin’ over the tannoy comes the opening bars to ‘Shipping Up To Boston’. I’m hooked. Fast forward almost five years and I finally manage to catch Dropkick Murphys at London Forum. [+]


That is all.

Updated – 22nd December 2012 – Gonna miss Cody now he’s signed a 3-year deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.


I’ve never hidden the fact that I am a member of Team Crawford (#teamCrawford – as it’s known in the world of Twitter). A ‘small’ group of Red Sox fans that support Carl Crawford. I could understand why members of Red Sox Nation may want to shred the contract of Crawford – Carl, signed a 7-year, $142-million contract in December 2010, didn’t have a particularly good first season in Boston – batting .255 with an on base percentage of .289. Hitting 11 homeruns, 56 RBI’s and 18 stolen bases. Not great numbers, granted.

However, Crawford (as much as you may like it or not) is a member of the Red Sox clubhouse. We have to look at what he is capable – didn’t he steal 6 bases again the Red Sox in 2009? 6 bases in one game! With just over half the season gone, Red Sox sit in 28th place in Stolen Bases. For those not in the know, there are only 30 teams in the MLB. Well below the AL average & the whole of MLB average. Crawford was the AL Stolen Base Champion in 2003, 2004, 2006 & 2007. We need a spark, something to kick start our faltering season….

Another stat for you, Red Sox are 30 outta 30 in triples – Crawford was the AL Triple Champion in 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2010. We need a spark, something to kick start our faltering season….

Red Sox are currently 9.5 games out of the AL East & surprisingly only 1.5 games out of the Wild Card chase. Which as any Sox fan in Sept 2011 will attest – isn’t that great of a lead. Both the AL East top spot & the Wild Card can be caught. We need a spark, something to kick start our faltering season…

That spark is Carl Crawford. He will likely start on Monday, against the White Sox, but with the return to Fenway Park by Youkilis and also Ellsbury, Crawford will hopefully take a slightly back seat to the media circus.

I will, however, give you the fact that Ellsbury is also returning from injury this week. He is also the spark Red Sox needs. Jacoby, however, doesn’t have the pressure of a 7-year, $142-million contract on his back.

Red Sox will have two of the fastest men in baseball returning to the starting line up, and with that now is the time when the BoSox can start to make a push for playoff baseball, a feat that hasn’t been reached since

If Red Sox can pick up a bit of a streak, whilst Rays & Orioles drop, they can catch up to the Yankees. With 12 games still to play against the New York Yankees, anything could & will happen.

So, if you ignore all that I scribbled above, please take note of this. If the Red Sox are gonna do anything this season they are going to need the backing of Red Sox Nation. That begins by backing the players. Whatever you think about our current team, they are OUR team. We ride with the ups & downs. That is the way this works. Live together, die alone.

All I am asking is one thing – give Crawford a chance. Carl is with the Red Sox for the considerable future. Lets grow the members of #teamCrawford one member of Red Sox Nation at a time.

Good Luck Carl! #teamCrawford forever!

Updated – 26th August 2012 – Crawford moved to the Dodgers with Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez & Nick Punto in a blockbuster trade. Red Sox got a bag of beans.


Youkilis – the legend that is forever going to be written in Red Sox history. I was first introduced to Youkilis in April of 2008, my first game at Fenway Park. I was new to the game of baseball, but I knew instantly that the way Youuukkk (as he is fondly known to Red Sox Nation) stood at his at-bat, he was a special breed of baseball player. Youk went 1-4 that day, with two RBIs – scoring Pedroia & Ortiz on a ground-rule double. The echoes of “Youuuuuuk” rang around Fenway Park. I was hooked.

Four years have passed since that day & my love for Youuuk hasn’t waned – in fact I’d say it has grown with each AB. Firstly, for his beard – I always have a love for beards, being a beard grower myself, but Youk’s beards have been of epic proportions. Although, the less we say about the beardless Youk the better.

Youk's Beard

Secondly, Youk has put blood, sweat and tears in to his tenure at Red Sox, never leaving the field with a clean uniform. Youkilis played a total of 953 games in Red Sox uniform, winning two World Series – smashing 133 home runs, scoring 594 runs and driving in 564. He was HBP a total of 86 times – which over a 9yr career at Red Sox is rather tough on the body. He always knew how to work the count and walked 494 times – earning himself the moniker “Greek God of Walks”.

Today is a sad day for Red Sox Nation, Youkilis was traded to the other Sox team in the MLB – Chicago White Sox. Since the hot emergence of the 3B rookie, Will Middlebrooks, Youk has seen his playing time cut down. Youk has also been injury prone over the years and I think Red Sox decided that this was the best time to look for a trade. Baseball is a business, at the end of the day, and you can’t always add emotions to business when trying to do the right thing for the ball club.

Talk of a Youk trade has been hot all season & with Youk missing the last three games but playing 3B today (with Middlebrooks playing DH) many of Red Sox Nation had the inkling that this could be Youk’s final day pulling up those red socks. When Youk came out in the second inning today he received a standing ovation – rightly so for the two-time World Series champion with Red Sox – Youkilis was clearly moved. You could see it in his eyes that Boston was his home. He loved the fans just as much as the fans loved him.

His final action as a member of Red Sox was to hit an RBI Triple in the seventh. Manager, Bobby Valentine, knowing of the imminent trade, decide to pinch-run for Youk and as Youk left the field another standing-o from the Fenway Faithful – along with hugs from his team mates. Youk was summoned out by his team mates for one last moment with his fans before disappearing in to the clubhouse. His time over at Red Sox, but never forgotten. Long live King Youkilis.

As my twitter feed will tell you, I am a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox. Baseball wasn’t a great big deal as I was growing up, however, in the year 2008 I was kindly taken to one of America’s greatest ball parks, Fenway Park (home to the Red Sox). Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Often staying up to the wee UK hours, watching them play around the US.

When I moved to New York, I vowed that I would take the train ride up to Boston to see more live Red Sox action. I had even booked tickets to visit Boston in early April, however, due to visa issues I wasn’t able to get to the US in time and had to forfeit my trip. I wasn’t expecting to visit Boston in the near future.

That all changed upon finding my favourite drinking establishment, Professor Thoms, in the East Village of Manhattan. Thoms is a Boston themed bar, showing Red Sox, Boston Celtics & Boston Bruins games on their multiple TVs. I was in Thoms on Saturday night, when they were holding a draw – much like every weekend – for a free pair of tickets to watch the Red Sox in action. For each drink purchased you were given a raffle ticket. At the end of the current Red Sox game being played a ticket was drawn. Simples.

As I had been in Thoms on more that one occasions in the last two weeks, I had got to know the bar staff and on this night the bar staff were passing my extra tickets. Overall, I had maybe 10 tickets ready for the draw.

When the draw came around, the first ticket out wasn’t mine, but within a matter of moments the winner of that ticket hadn’t claimed so the bar staff drew another tickets. This time there was a winner – ME!

The whole place went nuts, all the bar staff were high5in’ me, other customers were coming up to me to congratulate me. Shots were downed. All in all, a very good night. One rule to winning the tickets, the winner had to wear a Professor Thoms tee, provided by the manager, and take a shot of themselves @ Fenway Park.

The game was for the following Monday and it’s already Saturday now – I have to arrange trains and some place to crash. Easily sorted though. I was able to book a return train journey from Amtrak for around $170 and I used a great website,


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