Steak & Bowl

What are first thoughts when seeing this image above? Cos it certainly ain’t bowling – that is fo sho. I received this email into my inbox recently and I’m still trying to work out what the image portrays. I love steak & I love to bowl, so it kinda works but I’m not sure what the women blindfolded with a raw steak dangled in front of her face means.

Any ideas?

Working in email marketing I see a wide range of emails hitting my inbox – some good, some not so good. I’m a stickler for aesthetically pleasing emails, when I look in to my inbox I want to find beautiful emails staring back at me. That’s not always the case. It was, however, the case this week.

I’m always telling my clients to build up a relationship with their customers. To do this, I tell them to direct their email campaigns to the needs & wants of their customer base – not only will this increase open & click rates, but it will also build a brand relationship for future conversions. It’s quite easy to do this in a few ways, the email I received this week achieved exactly what I want from my clients. I’ll explain why…

The back story – the important part
Coming up in the next week is my birthday.

Back to the email received
As I’m scanning through my emails on Wednesday morning, when I saw the Subject Line ‘Happy Birthday Gary’. Ok, caught my attention as the birthday wishes are a little early. I click open the email and find an email from a pizza establishment from back in the United Kingdom, Pizza Express. The email is strikingly simple, beautiful & elegant. It really captures my eye. You’ll see as you reach the end of my post the email in its full glory, but please hold your horses and continue reading.

As my eye drifts further down the page, I notice some pretty impressive personalization – always a nice touch – but this went a bit further than placing ‘Dear Gary’ at the top of the email. As I said, nice touch.

We get to the crux of the email, the bit we’ve all been waiting for. Boom. “Happy Birthday. We would like to help you celebrate your upcoming birthday with a…. wait for it…


Result. All I need to do is bring a friend, enjoy some lovely food and show my waiter the code supplied in the email. Simple*

All this was made easy but Pizza Express capturing my Date of Birth, they did this with a promotion last year. Date of Birth can be captured using all manner of way: sign-up forms, competitions etc. Plenty and I’m sure we can discuss that at another point in the future.

So your patience has to be rewarded. You want to see the email that inspired me to write? Well, of course you do or else you wouldn’t still be here. Here it is. Enjoy!


See , I told you it was beautiful. Thank you Pizza Express!

*It would be simple, if I still lived in the UK, however living in New York will prove difficult. Nonetheless, it’s a great email.


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