There are some people in this world that are born to create toys and I’ve found another one to add to that collection. His name Bryan Bramley a.k.a Shez Designs

I recently found Shez via the infamous Spanky Stokes site. I knew, instantly, that this guy was special.

When we all grew up, we all wanted to be the Toy Soldier, that little green piece of plastic epitomized everything we wanted to be as we grew up. It was a simple matter of fact.

When I saw his latest release, a Dunny Toy Soldier, I was pretty certain that this toy manipulator from New York was set for greater things. Below you will see the snaps of his latest design.

toy soldier dunny

The detailing in this Dunny is immense, with removable helmet & gun piece. However, it’s nothing to do with the removable parts that make this Dunny so impressive, it’s the detail in the uniform. It’s truly an impressive piece.

Shez also had the cool idea of turning an old Gumball machine in to a Dunball machine. Where Shez painted eighteen 3″ Dunnys in high gloss, gumball-esqe colors… as well as one “Golden Egg” Dunny. He placed them in an old-school gumball machine. Unfortunately, the machine didn’t work no more, so no matter how many quarters you pushed in there would be no return.

dunball machine

If you want to find out more information on Shez, you can follow the links below:
Follow Shez on twitter
Like Shez on Facebook

if you want to see Shez’s previous work, and you have this Facebook thing, you can see his work here

As a side not, and as per the post on Spanky Stokes, “Toy Soldier” will be making his first public appearance at the “Triforce Conspiracy” three-person art show which opens on February 18th and runs through March 11th at Darkside Records & Gallery, 782 Main St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.