February 2012

Anyone that reads The Walking Dead comics will have been highly anticipating the news that came this past weekend. Finally, the arrival of the Governor in the Walking Dead TV series.


The Governor is, quite frankly, an evil piece of work and if the TV show can even replicate 10% of his actions from the comics then we, the viewers, are in for an interesting adventure over the course of Season Three.

So to the casting, it is great news for British actors as the character has been given to David Morrissey – who I particularly enjoyed in the UK TV series – The Red Riding. It is an interesting choice, but considering the acting ability of Morrissey, it’s one that I think is going to be right.

Back to the Governor, as mentioned, he is a great villian of the Walking Dead comic books & a great adversary of Rick’s. You can sense that the TV series is heading towards meeting with the Governor’s krew at Woodbury (the hold out place for the Governor), what with the incident at the bar in the episode ‘Triggerfinger’ last week & the arrival of Randall to the group – we can’t be too far away from a showdown in the next three episodes, before the end of Season Two.

This season of Walking Dead has been excellent, especially since the last episode before the mid-season finale, which I wrote about here. It’s building up very nicely towards, I’m sure, a climatic ending in three short weeks.

For many years now I’ve been listening to the celtic folk tones of, LA-based, Flogging Molly. However, never having the chance to catch them live, all that was about to change tonight. Just returning from an outstanding set at Hammerstein Ballroom, as part of the Sailor Jerry sponsored ‘Green 17 Tour’, I think I can say that Flogging Molly are one of the best live acts on the music circuit today.

Flogging Molly

Starting the set with Drunken Lullabies, and ending over 2hrs later with a rousing edition of their first single, from way back in 2000, Salty Dog. The show, from start to finish, had the whole ballroom bouncing & dancing a merry Irish jig.

I think it’s only fair to say that Dave King, lead singer, held the crowd in his back pocket all night. Swiggin’ on beers, telling tales of years gone by: his 90 year old mother back in Dublin – smoking two packs of cigs & half a bottle of Jamesons, also tales of his deceased father.

It’s not often that bands will play for over 2hrs, especially in a smaller venue, but Flogging Molly really could have played easily for 3hrs. As the show was reaching it’s finale, the hit songs were brought out to rapturous applause, fists in the air & singing along to every word.

Overall, this was one of the best & most fun gigs I have been to in a long while. I’ll be definitely be keeping a check on future dates, either in New York City or when I’m back in London. Below you’ll find the setlist from the gig.

- Drunken Lullabies
- Requiem for a Dying Song
- Speed of Darkness
- Revolution
- Life in a Tenement Square
- Whistles the Wind
- Saints & Sinners
- The Likes of You Again
- Swagger
- The Power’s Out
- The Son Never Shines (On Closed Doors)
- A Prayer for Me in Silence
- Us of Lesser Gods
- Black Friday Rule
- Oliver Boy (All of Our Boys)
- Float
- Devil’s Dance Floor
- Rebels of the Sacred Heart
- If I Ever Leave This World Alive
- What’s Left of The Flag
- Seven Deadly Sins

- The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Bob Dylan cover)
- Salty Dog
- Impromptu Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Divers in Wonderland

There isn’t that much I’d like to add to this image above. It’s truly a piece of artisical awesomeness.

I recently purchased two of the Dunnys above, from the father of inkbotz, they arrived this week. They look as awesome in the flesh as they do in the picture above.

I picked up the silver & gold dunny, also the mini labbit too. You can see more pics at the artists Flickr here

They really are a piece of art and, quite rightly, sit proud on my toy shelf.

There are some people in this world that are born to create toys and I’ve found another one to add to that collection. His name Bryan Bramley a.k.a Shez Designs

I recently found Shez via the infamous Spanky Stokes site. I knew, instantly, that this guy was special.

When we all grew up, we all wanted to be the Toy Soldier, that little green piece of plastic epitomized everything we wanted to be as we grew up. It was a simple matter of fact.

When I saw his latest release, a Dunny Toy Soldier, I was pretty certain that this toy manipulator from New York was set for greater things. Below you will see the snaps of his latest design.

toy soldier dunny

The detailing in this Dunny is immense, with removable helmet & gun piece. However, it’s nothing to do with the removable parts that make this Dunny so impressive, it’s the detail in the uniform. It’s truly an impressive piece.

Shez also had the cool idea of turning an old Gumball machine in to a Dunball machine. Where Shez painted eighteen 3″ Dunnys in high gloss, gumball-esqe colors… as well as one “Golden Egg” Dunny. He placed them in an old-school gumball machine. Unfortunately, the machine didn’t work no more, so no matter how many quarters you pushed in there would be no return.

dunball machine

If you want to find out more information on Shez, you can follow the links below:
Follow Shez on twitter
Like Shez on Facebook

if you want to see Shez’s previous work, and you have this Facebook thing, you can see his work here

As a side not, and as per the post on Spanky Stokes, “Toy Soldier” will be making his first public appearance at the “Triforce Conspiracy” three-person art show which opens on February 18th and runs through March 11th at Darkside Records & Gallery, 782 Main St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.

I think I’ve said this previously, but it’s worth saying twice – or possibly even thrice – I am always looking for the next Lost. I miss Lost. This is just a simple matter of fact. There is no getting around that fact. It’s out there. So, when I saw the commercials for Steven Spielberg’s The River I was intrigued…

The River

The River

The horror slash paranormal slash adventure based on the Amazon river, see’s a TV crew looking for a missing TV celebrity explorer – who had gone missing 6 months earlier. The TV crew are joined by the explorers son & wife. There are some additional characters along for the fun & adventure.

The camera work for the show is very much akin to that of recent blockbusters Paranormal Activity mixed with Cloverfield with a dash of Blair Witch thrown in for good measure. It works too.

The two-hour premiere was a good starter for the season, it definitely had it’s moments – some more creepier than the next, but worth mentioning is the Dolls head turn, definitely had me bounce of the couch in a #holyshit moment. You would expect this kind of style of mystery & horror coming from Oren Peli, who co-created the show with Michael R. Perry who co-wrote Paranormal Activity 2. Even throwing a bed dragging scene, reminiscent of the first Paranormal Activity which – I have had no shame in admitting – scared the schizzle outta me.

After the premiere finished, I definitely was hooked but alot of the story was far-fetched but I was quick to remind myself that the premiere of Lost was also fairly out there – who can forget the smoke monster killing the pilot.

As with Lost, I was left with a few questions on some of the plot. Why did the blonde jump in to the murky Amazon River, to help clearing a boat propeller, a few hours after having her leg wound stitched up. The blonde also knew far too much of what was going on around them – which we’d later discover at the end of the premiere could be down to a number of reasons. As with Lost, I will definitely give the questions a chance to develop during further The River episodes.

So The River passed the screening process and will be added to our DVR list for next Tuesday which – from the season highlights airing after the show – looks to be just as creepy & excellent.

Not sure if it’s my Lost replacement, just yet, but it was a very good attempt. It has time to grow on me further as we delve further into the Amazon.

If I was to tell you one reason to go out and watch The River, it would have to be for the dolls in the Amazon jungle. Freaky schizzle. Go check it out at their website

It’s probably been on the cards for awhile now, what with results not going our way in recent times. Getting beaten @ home by Birmingham 4-1, after leading 1-0, will not have helped matters, that is for certain. However, I thought that Grayson may have had the chance to stay at the club until the end of the season – afterall we are only a handful of points away from the illustrious play-off spots.

Simon Grayson

Grayson’s tenure, which started in December 2008 after replacing Gary McAllister, was a fairly successful one – relatively speaking – one that will long live in the memory of LUFC fans out there. Guiding us in to the 08-09 play-off spots, losing out to Millwall. However, Grayson went on to steer Leeds to promotion the following year, coming up in Runners-up position to Norwich City. A winning goal by Jermaine Beckford sealed promotion to the Championship – one step closer to the promised land.

However, the promotion wasn’t to be Grayson, nor Beckford’s, greatest memory at Leeds. This moment in January 2010, 3rd January 2010 to be exact of a famous Leeds win. Knocking out eternal enemies, Manchester United @ Old Trafford, in the FA Cup 3rd Round – Beckford getting the only goal.

Jermaine Beckford

2010/2011 season ended with Leeds missing out on the play-off spots.

2011/2012 had an indifferent start to the season, but putting on a 7 league match unbeaten run put us amongst the front runners in the Championship. However, with a very poor December where we only won one game out of 5, we dropped out of the play-off spots. January wasn’t that much better, culminating in the 4-1 home loss to Birmingham, thus ending the three year reign of Grayson.

Some may even look to off-the-field events that could have been the start of the downfall of Grayson. A sad day at the end of November 2011, which could have had a mental strain on Grayson – the death of one of his long time friend, Gary Speed. Some may look at his marital issues, after a possible affair with an LUFC employee, leading to him leaving his wife in 2011.

Although despite this, many LUFC fans don’t point the finger at Grayson for his time at Leeds, they lay the full blame at chairman, Ken Bates. Who rather than invest money in to the squad in the way Norwich City & Southampton have done in recent years. Both clubs played in League 1 with Leeds in recent years – one now sits mid-table in the Premiership and t’other sits in the promotion places to the Premiership this year. Ken has faced a rough time from LUFC fans, in recent times, many still don’t like the guy from his Chelsea past. Many though are just simply not happy with the way he has run our club over the last 7 years – going in to administration in 2007 and the dodgy way that he became sole owner of the club.

So the future of LUFC again looks uncertain, even when we sit in 9th place – 2pts away from the play-off spots. Neil Redfearn has gotten off to the perfect start to his caretaker of LUFC position, beating Bristol Rovers 3-0. However, with rumors that Neil Warnock or Steve Evans, from Crawley Town, could take over the realms in the coming weeks it doesn’t sit pretty with me. One name mentioned is Sven-Goran Eriksson entertains me. I always admired him at England, despite his off-field antics with his women. He had an excellent record and I wouldn’t be upset to see him at Leeds United.

Until then…

Marching on Together.


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