american horror story
Wow, what a show. American Horror Story piloted this evening with a bang. The new show on FX, is a horror-drama television series. The series centers on the Harmon family: Ben, Vivien and their daughter Violet, who move from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivien has a miscarriage and Ben has an affair. They move into a restored mansion, unaware that the home is clearly haunted.

American Horror Story “is pretty much all scare, all the time: a whole lotta screams, sex, jolts, mashed faces, psychotic behavior, and dead babies.” which I think is a fair opinion of the soon-to-be-cult TV show.

The first episode sets the tone for the season really, meeting the main family & introducing a ton of weird & wonderful characters. We also get to see the Rubber Suit, seen in the marketing for the show.

Characters this episode:
Young Adelaide: Young down syndrome girl on the lawn of a dilapidated house
Ginger twins: Two young boys, causing mischief in the dilapidated house.
Vivien Harmon: Mother in main family
Ben Harmon: Father in main family, also Psychatrist
Violet Harmon: Daughter in main family
Leah: Bully at Violet’s new school
Older Adelaide: Older version of DS girl on lawn
Constance: Mother of Adelaide
Tate: Patient of Ben’s
Moira: Maid – seen as a young, sultry lady to Ben, older lady with glass eye to Vivien
Larry: Disfigured man, stalking Ben
Rubber Suit Man: Dude in Rubber suit, has sex with Vivien

Plot points:
- In opening scenes, set in the 1978, Ginger twins both get attacked by ‘something’ in the basement & die in house.
- Vivien has a miscarriage & then finds Ben sleeping with another woman in their family home
- Harmon family move from Boston to LA to start a new life, the move in to the house from 1978 scenes.
- Ben tries to be intimate with Vivien, but she is having none of it.
- Violet has a run in with a school bully, Leah.
- Adelaide & Constance make themselves at home in the Harmon’s home.
- Vivien finds Rubber suit in loft.
- Ben has an appointment with Tate, who is troubled by violent dreams.
- Tate & Violet meet whilst Violet is self-harming.
- Vivien meets Old Moira, and hires her as the maid of the house.
- Ben finds Young Moira ‘pleasuring’ herself.
- Ben ‘pleasures’ himself in private.
- Adelaide, again, lets herself in to the Harmon’s home.
- We get to see the Ginger twins as ghosts in the Harmon’s home.
- Violet gets attacked at school by Leah.
- Ben & Vivien argue, but end up having sex for the first time since Vivien caught Ben cheating.
- Rubber Suit man appears to Vivien, who thinks it’s Ben playing dress up, Vivien sleeps with the Rubber Suit man.
- Leah is attacked by ‘something’ in the basement of the Harmon’s house. Tate appeared to summon this ‘something’
- Ben meets Larry, whilst on a run.
- Larry was a previous occupant of the Harmon’s house. He killed his wife & daughter in the house.
- Moira catches Constance stealing from Vivien’s jewelry box. Heated words are exchanged to suggest both know each other.
- Vivien tells Ben that she is pregnant. As both embrace, Rubber Suit man is in the background.

Favorite quote of the episode:
Constance to Moira: Don’t make me kill you *again*.